Is there a “Defense” for the “Terror Texts” of Joshua?

Is there a “Defense” for the “Terror Texts” of Joshua?

Atheism specifically (and culture generally) seeks to incite scorn against the biblical narrative via the commands, especially in the book of Joshua, to exterminate the inhabitants of the promised land.

How do we answer this? Is there a defense we can utilize that doesn’t on the one hand sentimentalize, or on the other, sanction “Jihad”?

Michael Horton is sensitive to the layered, more dimensional approach to answering this concern. His appreciation of the covenantal, progressively revealed and Christocentric nature of the biblical narrative is crucial, and in my opinion, accurate.

The shallow evangelical, Dispensational and neo-Zionist approach is nearly as intolerable as is Islam in an effort to seriously and satisfactorily address the issue.


We Won’t Go That Far, Promise. Socialism’s Empty Boast

Having had to endure the nightmarish glimpses of “Delusional Dennis” (Rodman)’s recent media exposure, I have to say, the guy’s desperately due for a lesson in life’s basics.

So is our culture it seems. Again.

They just want us to give them a chance, a chance at their utopian fallacy.   They promise it’ll be different this time.  “We won’t go as far as Soviet Russia, North Korea, etc.  We’ll put the brakes on in time.”  Just “enough” redistribution, just enough government control, just enough control of our kids, our property, our liberty…

You can hear the clamoring; “We’ll be good.  We’ll play fair.  Just give us the power.”

Like an out-of-control adolescent begging for his turn at the wheel, the nightmare could and no doubt would be bloody, brutal, tragic..

Marxism will never be satiated with just enough power.  It yearns for absolute control. And with the vacuum created by bad government, Marxists are more than ready to fill the void, and have been hankering for it with every breath.

Why should they be trusted with ANY of it?  Not if they’re in the mindset of incrimentally-applied Marxism which has as its core value, atheism.  Having replaced the rule of God with rule of the state, this is one drunk kid you DON’T want to hand the keys to, not even for a moment.

Like a protective father to his little girl’s paramours, we say, “Out of here with your hankerings!   We know what your intentions are – to take it all the way.”


And close the door behind you.