Is there a “Defense” for the “Terror Texts” of Joshua?

Is there a “Defense” for the “Terror Texts” of Joshua?

Atheism specifically (and culture generally) seeks to incite scorn against the biblical narrative via the commands, especially in the book of Joshua, to exterminate the inhabitants of the promised land.

How do we answer this? Is there a defense we can utilize that doesn’t on the one hand sentimentalize, or on the other, sanction “Jihad”?

Michael Horton is sensitive to the layered, more dimensional approach to answering this concern. His appreciation of the covenantal, progressively revealed and Christocentric nature of the biblical narrative is crucial, and in my opinion, accurate.

The shallow evangelical, Dispensational and neo-Zionist approach is nearly as intolerable as is Islam in an effort to seriously and satisfactorily address the issue.


Inheriting a Notorious Legacy

The victims of Nazi atrocities included the emotional devastation it wreaked on the generations who were unfortunate enough to carry the names and genetic legacy of the monsters of Nazism.

How does one handle the chaos inside, when it was handed to you by inheriting a notorious legacy?

If there is no God, we wouldn’t really care, and our “baggage” would just fly away!


Connecting the Un-Connectable Dots – More Tornado Devastation – WHERE’S GOD?

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past tracing out! – Ro. 11:33


Yesterday, here in America, in the great state of Oklahoma – refugees fleeing the coming storm, only to be pinned down, paralyzed on a freeway-turned traffic-jam, tornado breathing down their throat – stuck in horror between death and tragedy. Almost as though God, like an bandit from the heavens was ambushing them, descending upon them with torment in his wings.


Obviously these are the great questions of philosophy aren’t they? I’ve been trying to process much the same, and like many have been subject to my own tendency toward sel-pity, self-absorption, etc. which can skew the great need for “perspective” when it comes to tragedy being played out in other realms of existence. But at the same time, God is patient and always seems ready to break through with some light somewhere, often through simple friendships, and a piece of caring, given & received.

That’s really kind of a key as to how I personally interpret tragedies like the tornado in Moore, OK, or yesterday’s tragic tornadic follow-up. But here’s the REAL question – Why do people care? A moth who gets fried by a porch light does not receive support or sympathy from the moth community. But humans are different. Why the outpouring of help, compassion, regard and heart-felt assistance from perfect strangers near and far? Because there’s just something that separates humans from other biological and existential spheres – it’s called the soul, the existence of which cannot be denied, yet science cannot and will not come up with a reason for its existence.

But as for the process of Providence, the will of God, human suffering, the biblical narrative…

In case you want a brief description of the believing community’s philosophical attempt to grasp, here’s a summary in Wikipedia;

These concerns are indeed the great question that’s underneath everything that life and culture has to grapple with. We may not be able to “connect the dots”, but its comforting at least to know that Someone has done the eternal sketch in a realm “past tracing out” (Ro. 11:33).