Inheriting a Notorious Legacy

The victims of Nazi atrocities included the emotional devastation it wreaked on the generations who were unfortunate enough to carry the names and genetic legacy of the monsters of Nazism.

How does one handle the chaos inside, when it was handed to you by inheriting a notorious legacy?

If there is no God, we wouldn’t really care, and our “baggage” would just fly away!



Connecting the Un-Connectable Dots – More Tornado Devastation – WHERE’S GOD?

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past tracing out! – Ro. 11:33


Yesterday, here in America, in the great state of Oklahoma – refugees fleeing the coming storm, only to be pinned down, paralyzed on a freeway-turned traffic-jam, tornado breathing down their throat – stuck in horror between death and tragedy. Almost as though God, like an bandit from the heavens was ambushing them, descending upon them with torment in his wings.


Obviously these are the great questions of philosophy aren’t they? I’ve been trying to process much the same, and like many have been subject to my own tendency toward sel-pity, self-absorption, etc. which can skew the great need for “perspective” when it comes to tragedy being played out in other realms of existence. But at the same time, God is patient and always seems ready to break through with some light somewhere, often through simple friendships, and a piece of caring, given & received.

That’s really kind of a key as to how I personally interpret tragedies like the tornado in Moore, OK, or yesterday’s tragic tornadic follow-up. But here’s the REAL question – Why do people care? A moth who gets fried by a porch light does not receive support or sympathy from the moth community. But humans are different. Why the outpouring of help, compassion, regard and heart-felt assistance from perfect strangers near and far? Because there’s just something that separates humans from other biological and existential spheres – it’s called the soul, the existence of which cannot be denied, yet science cannot and will not come up with a reason for its existence.

But as for the process of Providence, the will of God, human suffering, the biblical narrative…

In case you want a brief description of the believing community’s philosophical attempt to grasp, here’s a summary in Wikipedia;

These concerns are indeed the great question that’s underneath everything that life and culture has to grapple with. We may not be able to “connect the dots”, but its comforting at least to know that Someone has done the eternal sketch in a realm “past tracing out” (Ro. 11:33).


So Where’d THAT Come From? The Tornado of Moore, Oklahoma


While bodies are being counted and the survivors mourn their losses through a shower of tears…

It is not the season for accusation or theodicy (defending God).

To accuse is utterly heartless, to theodicize is futile. God’s a big boy. He doesn’t need us to justify His ways, even through the most tragic storm of life.

But for the moment, a brief question to you who are tempted to question or accuse God. Then we should all return to sober, hand-over-our-mouth silence, and prayer.

Why do you care? A tree in the forest, a bug in the night, a moth in the light cares not if others fall around them. Why do you?

Habit? Cultural conditioning? Neurons aimlessly banging around the brain? Even worse, natural selection? (SELF-preservation)

Or the existence of a soul?

Yes, unlike a bug in the night, you are different. The existence of your care, your heart, your soul, the humanity caring so deeply, so readily in the midst of personal loss and tragedy says something very, very profound. Don’t miss it.

It’s part of the answer to your question. It drains some of the venom of your accusations.

Why love? Where’d THAT come from?

Think about it.

So You Tell Me – What IS the Foundation of Meaning?

Awash in what’s seems to be a veritable sea of unselfconscious Nihilism awaiting the inevitable moment of demise, I just want you, culture, to pause, take a deep breath and answer a quick question or two before you go your way.

Think about it. You tell me, if Christ ISN’T the foundation of meaning, reality, then what is?

Science? Oh. Are you okay then with having no valid basis to say that anything is truly “good” or anything is essentially “evil”? You’re okay with having no answer for the origin of of the universe (or multi-verses) except that “it just happened”?

Okay, so it’s not science either. Then WHAT THE HECK IS THE FOUNDATION?

If its not science, empiricism, nihilism, materialism, what is it THEN?

A pseudo-Christ? That’s just a cop-out for not wanting to do your homework, to be about half-involved, half-interested, half-alive and to contribute to the problem rather than be part of the solution.

So if it IS Christ, as Scripture clearly declares, then we’ve got some work to do. But it’s a realm of mercy we now explore, so it’s okay if we’re late to the game of connect the dots. There is no condemnation, just expansion of freedom and light, which is a good thing – a REALLY good thing.

At least now we can say we’ve got a focal point, a defining point, a reference point for meaning. We can at least now get started trying to sort this mess out, this mess called “life”. We used to have it sorted out, then we kind of threw it away, didn’t we?

Though we may be at a loss in terms of being able to make strict, straight defining points between the center, the foundation, and our confusing lives, at least it brings some comfort to know that there IS an answer, there ARE connections, there IS meaning. (Romans 8:28)

And that’s a darn good place to start.

Especially when facing the two most crucial issues in our culture: Freedom and life. Both vitally under assault. Both need to be seen through the lens of Jesus first (as the freest, most life-giving and significant life ever lived), then secondarily through our own lens.



Polemical Ponzi Scheme

You’re putting your money in a certain fund believing it is being wisely invested, only to find out you have been taken.  The managers were not acting in good faith.

It is likewise often the case in the theistic debates.   Going in toe to toe both parties supposedly respecting reason as chief rule of the debate, but eventually the curtain unveils the Ponzi-like wizard-of-Oz dangling there with his pre-commitment to a naturalist worldview in full view.   Having an a priori commitment that transcended reason itself, they cloaked the approach to the debate as a quest of reason.

Only answer – each party address a priori commitments and get on with the debate at that point.  In other words let him know you’re not going to invest in his Ponzi scheme.   We’re going to lay all the cash out on the table and see which currency has a better return in the marketplace of ideas.

In a universe of non-neutrality, it’s good to know who you’re up against.

Logos-currency spends quite well.  Better than matter in motion banging around trying to come up with meaning, purpose, morality, etc.

“…taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”