Bearing Personal Rejection

He was despised and rejected by men…he was despised, and we esteemed him not. (Isaiah 53:3)

In the face of rejection by others, even others very close to us, it is cathartic and immensely helpful to “consider Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith“, especially in the painful experience of personal rejection.

The spirit of punishment maintained by those around us toward our bad choices, failures and sins bears a truth we all need to take to heart, a sneaky, insidious secret of our hearts – we all want to play God.

If we could only see.

God is not like us. “…you thought that I was one like yourself”, (Psalm 50:21)

We’re into punishment, He’s into MERCY. In the face of a world of rejection, Jesus steeled His will and faced the “cup” of rejection, even unto the cross. Can you visualize this?

He “endured the cross” so that we could be “accepted in the Beloved” even though despised by all around us.

Here is the starting point of healing. If we are eternally, unconditionally accepted, the thought of rejecting another becomes repugnant, eventually even a happy habit of kindness and acceptance, bearing something of His image in love.

God help us.



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