“Every One of us in our Communities can Name a Gosnell”

All arguments against abortion are empty and futile until the arrow is aimed at the heart of the problem – the meaning and value of human life.

And that, points to God.

But we traded Him off for a yet unproven theory about 150 years ago. Since then its been a snowball gaining momentum as it courses downhill through our culture of death. Roe v Wade was not the turning point, only a symptom of a darkness in our culture few are ready or willing to admit.

Only the recovery of true meaning, value and purpose in life will serve in the battle against death. Until then, it is what it is: Gosnell, Carhart, Marx, Mao, “man of steel”, Hitler, etc.

Hitler’s Germany shows that a shallow nod toward paganized spirituality only makes matters worse. (Nazism was wedded to the occult).

Only a clearly defined return to simple faith in the Definer of all things (Jesus) will arm us to wage this dreadful warfare against death.


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