The Root and Core of Freedom

Something profoundly significant occurred on the cross some two-thousand years ago.   Spiritual transactions occurred that resulted in the unleashing of the floodgates of mercy.  The effects were eternally revolutionizing for all who come to God in simple faith.   It’s effects were retroactive, present and future in scope, range and significance.   

Though we may not be able to clearly define or embrace either cognitively or spiritually the details, (thats the exercise of theology) one thing is certain – here is the root and core of freedom for man.

When one is freely forgiven, one is free indeed.  That’s because there is a moral and ethical foundation to existence.  That foundation was the battlefield of eternal ethical transactions engaged in on the cross which resulted in true potential for freedom.   

The current battles we face in our culture, both in the evaporation of freedom and our love-affair with death are directly traceable to the erosion of true spiritual faith, and in clarity of the object of faith.    

But we do know His name:  Jesus, the cornerstone of reality, and centerpiece of the universe.    

We can start from there.  We can perceive the battlefield from that vantage point.  We can feel the depth of our freedom, and know why we so highly value it.