Our Struggle With Islam

Make no doubt.  in a religion that means “submit” at its root and core, freedom and liberty are the chief targets of militant Islam. The idea of freedom/liberty has a profound depth of meaning and an identifiable root and foundation odious to Islam.

That’s why it pains us so to see it evaporate before our very eyes.

Islam, (militant or non) cannot be countered merely by guns, concepts or ideals. We MUST be on an exploration of the true nature and foundation of liberty and freedom if we are to gain any ground in countering this deadly societal virus at its root and core.  It’s “submit” vs “freedom”, hence fear vs love as dominant, animating emotions.

Lose sight of this and culture itself will do what it always does – follow the sway of those in power and control and back itself into the corner of total slavery and hence, fear.  So goes the history of the middle-east and northern Africa.

Yes, the struggle is fourteen century’s old, but freedom is far older, it’s origin being found in the very nature of redemptive, reconciled humanity reflecting the image of God.

Jesus, God’s true Prophet stepped into the human story to (among other things) provide us with a reference point of definition and meaning. In Him we comprehend the very core of freedom.  Total forgiveness in Him means total freedom for man and man’s animating emotions transition from natural, self-driven fear to love and mutual forgiveness.

Islam has no root in reality, but is merely the fabrication of a perverted, God-hating, rebellious deformation of humanity draped in a burqa called “moralism”.   Militant, tyrannical moralism, backed with RPGs, IEDs , AKs and 747s.  “Submit”, not freedom is the “vision” of Sharia.  Fear vs love.  Naked submission to tyrannical moralism has always made men worse, not better (eg,  ancient Phariseeism).   

Recovery from this malady has its tap roots primarily in Christ and then secondarily in social, military and political activism.

That which provides us vision, also defines our actions. Sooner or later.

We pray sooner, or the darkness of night will be too thick to be penetrated by ours or anyone else’s vision.

God save America.



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