No Plastic Jesus’s Allowed

They show up on my Facebook page and catch my eye on bumper stickers.   They nauseate me to no end as a follower of Jesus for 34+ years.   

They stand as a liability against which I must defend in my many debates against ideological atheism and cultural statism.   

And yet nothing is more obvious than the fact that in the inexplicable trials of life, in chaos, trial and affliction beyond description, atheism is no comfort.   So the soul grasps for a meaning-structure so high above itself that it in fact touches the untouchable.    All things theoretical become reality in the face of true blood that runs rich, red and real.

All frivolous, frothy, light-weight Jesus’s must be gone.    Yes, along with empty atheism, but let truth higher than you or I prevail.   

There IS an Author of the inexplicable.    

Otherwise I could not yet worship Him.