Polemical Ponzi Scheme

You’re putting your money in a certain fund believing it is being wisely invested, only to find out you have been taken.  The managers were not acting in good faith.

It is likewise often the case in the theistic debates.   Going in toe to toe both parties supposedly respecting reason as chief rule of the debate, but eventually the curtain unveils the Ponzi-like wizard-of-Oz dangling there with his pre-commitment to a naturalist worldview in full view.   Having an a priori commitment that transcended reason itself, they cloaked the approach to the debate as a quest of reason.

Only answer – each party address a priori commitments and get on with the debate at that point.  In other words let him know you’re not going to invest in his Ponzi scheme.   We’re going to lay all the cash out on the table and see which currency has a better return in the marketplace of ideas.

In a universe of non-neutrality, it’s good to know who you’re up against.

Logos-currency spends quite well.  Better than matter in motion banging around trying to come up with meaning, purpose, morality, etc.

“…taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”