Thinking So Doesn’t Make it So

We will not have this man rule over us!“, demanded the multitudes who lusted for Jesus’ death, (Luke 19:14).  But to merely engage in collective wishful thinking will not change what in fact is true.  No matter how relentless the clamor.  

Ironically Jesus was supreme even in the moments of their most incredulous demands.  The conclusion is obvious to any who are even half thoughtful that like a clamoring, spoiled child, they just couldn’t see what was good for themselves.  

So our anarchical culture wishing for supposed autonomy, relentlessly rejects the beneficent reign of the One who abides unmoved and unmovable on the throne of glory.  

You would think they would be grateful.   After all, the center is not occupied by a brutal dictator, but by the one who woos them still, even while they wish Him away.  

It’s NOT going to happen.   Not any time in this eternity.

 “…and you killed the Author of life” – Acts 3:15


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