I Am a Slave Only to My Desire for Freedom

“He whom the Son sets free…”

Freedom, license, legalism vs. antinomianism, etc: all terms, concepts we used to kick around like a ball as young, idealistic theology students.  Now the concepts have become life and death.  

Time to put off the theoristic jostlings and get down to business.   I think that’s what our Lord intended in the first place.   It was after all, the very air He breathed and dust He endured as He traversed the Galilean soil through Samaria and on to Judea.  

Then He loosed His own freedom and bound Himself to the unyielding, splintery agony of the cross.  All to set us free indeed.  

So it is that the longing for freedom runs deep and rich in the essence of every man regardless of creed, color or persuasion.  So we disdain even the cold bare images of a cruel totalitarianism, and thirst for that which was once the vital breath of the American soul.


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