How abortion changed America

We exchanged God for an unproven theory about origins and life. It’s been downhill ever since. Roe v Wade and the subsequent history of this bloody practice are merely symptoms of our initial exchange.
Until the core problem is addressed, we can expect more of the same, more Gosnells, more Hitlers, more Stalins.
Wake up America, or say goodnight. Your choice.
That’s true pro-choice.


No Plastic Jesus’s Allowed

They show up on my Facebook page and catch my eye on bumper stickers.   They nauseate me to no end as a follower of Jesus for 34+ years.   

They stand as a liability against which I must defend in my many debates against ideological atheism and cultural statism.   

And yet nothing is more obvious than the fact that in the inexplicable trials of life, in chaos, trial and affliction beyond description, atheism is no comfort.   So the soul grasps for a meaning-structure so high above itself that it in fact touches the untouchable.    All things theoretical become reality in the face of true blood that runs rich, red and real.

All frivolous, frothy, light-weight Jesus’s must be gone.    Yes, along with empty atheism, but let truth higher than you or I prevail.   

There IS an Author of the inexplicable.    

Otherwise I could not yet worship Him.    

Polemical Ponzi Scheme

You’re putting your money in a certain fund believing it is being wisely invested, only to find out you have been taken.  The managers were not acting in good faith.

It is likewise often the case in the theistic debates.   Going in toe to toe both parties supposedly respecting reason as chief rule of the debate, but eventually the curtain unveils the Ponzi-like wizard-of-Oz dangling there with his pre-commitment to a naturalist worldview in full view.   Having an a priori commitment that transcended reason itself, they cloaked the approach to the debate as a quest of reason.

Only answer – each party address a priori commitments and get on with the debate at that point.  In other words let him know you’re not going to invest in his Ponzi scheme.   We’re going to lay all the cash out on the table and see which currency has a better return in the marketplace of ideas.

In a universe of non-neutrality, it’s good to know who you’re up against.

Logos-currency spends quite well.  Better than matter in motion banging around trying to come up with meaning, purpose, morality, etc.

“…taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”

Thinking So Doesn’t Make it So

We will not have this man rule over us!“, demanded the multitudes who lusted for Jesus’ death, (Luke 19:14).  But to merely engage in collective wishful thinking will not change what in fact is true.  No matter how relentless the clamor.  

Ironically Jesus was supreme even in the moments of their most incredulous demands.  The conclusion is obvious to any who are even half thoughtful that like a clamoring, spoiled child, they just couldn’t see what was good for themselves.  

So our anarchical culture wishing for supposed autonomy, relentlessly rejects the beneficent reign of the One who abides unmoved and unmovable on the throne of glory.  

You would think they would be grateful.   After all, the center is not occupied by a brutal dictator, but by the one who woos them still, even while they wish Him away.  

It’s NOT going to happen.   Not any time in this eternity.

 “…and you killed the Author of life” – Acts 3:15

You Say “What”?   

The progressive Orwellian brave-new-world nightmare is upon us.   Moral anarchy reigns within the vacuous intellect (if you can call it that) of the Left.   Having shoved God aside and replacing all authority with the state, we find ourselves carried down the inevitable current of nightmarishly brutal, turbulent  waters.   

The Bible is cast off with an insanely casual wave of the hand.  Then of course it is only reasonable that the Constitution/Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are in turn disposed of with flippant arrogance.     

Oh, Psalm 2 has never been more relevant.  

Unless of course you consider Romans, chapter 1.   All of it… especially the part about “not being ashamed…”

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel…” Romans 1:16