The Logos-phere We Live In

Like it or not (and our culture obviously doesn’t) we live in a Logosphere of revelation – the thought of God projected in and through Jesus Christ.   He is the reference point of the grand narrative of things, and writing His name on a card and then stomping on it as if to throw a huge temper fit, is not only childish, but irony on the grandest scale.

After all, my dying culture, what are we so afraid of?   

Deandre what’s-his-name?   He’s got your name too.  Your effort at a collective temper fit won’t change a thing.  Long, long after you are gone, untold numbers in heaven and earth will be bowing to the name of Jesus.  

Sorry bud.   

And again, I wonder about all the students who did comply to this idiot’s public whimpering.   

At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow…” Phillippians 2:10

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