Jesus Jeans?! Trivializing the Significant and Minimizing the Momentous

In a desperate attempt to trivialize the significant, an Italian clothes company has actually secured the trademark “Jesus” in their line of appeal known as “Jesus Jeans”
Apparently this is old news (2007), but I’m late at the game when it comes to the evolving, mindless fads of our culture, I admit.
Further, there is the recent story about the teacher demanding students to write “JESUS” on a card, throw it to the floor and stomp in it?

While I lack cultural savvy, I do have some pretty well thought out observations as to why this company, following the larger sweep of culture, feels the need to do this. Its called trivializing the significant and minimizing the momentous.

It happens whenever there is real (usually unarticulated and unselfconscious) fear toward some object of perceived antagonism who needs to be squashed if not in reality, at least symbolically.

Since Jesus is the most significant life ever lived, and since there is rumor that He’s still around, all the more reason for Him to be the primary target of this game. Otherwise, why not “Mohammed Jeans” or “Buddha Jeans”?

As a Christian, I receive the back-handed, unselfconscious acknowledgment of the significance of my Savior. Thank you, but you did not know you we’re doing it.

Similarly when the Jewish leaders and adherents from near and far gathered in Jerusalem, (Acts, chapter 2), they could enjoy the day in peace having fully silenced, nicely put away this good-for-nothing trouble-maker, Jesus. Their triumph of trivializing was the cross, or so they thought. But when a simple preacher’s voice informed them that their efforts had failed, suddenly the skies above exploded with the presence of Jesus.

It was an oh-my-God, what-have-we-done? moment for them which also became a moment of great awakening. “Men and brethren, what shall we do?” (V. 37).

So our culture will trivialize everything from abortion to the Halocaust, by employing trite epithets or historical revision. Scared of the significance of these monumentals, they unselfconsciously admit that they are stuck to their consciences, and are not going away.

Neither is Jesus.

Long after the jeans are gone, even the Italians are gone, the calendars on our walls will still relate to guess who?

“For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven”. (Colossians 1:19-20)

BC (“before Christ”) to CE, (“common era”)? And AD (“year of our Lord”) to BCE will truly never happen, no matter how hard you scribble it on your blackboards and drill it into your young student’s minds.

We know what you are doing. Trivializing the momentous never works.

Ask the heavens… He really is all too maximum. Like a flea beating an elephant. Almost laughable if not so tragic.


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